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5 thoughts on “Comment?

  1. Thanks Carey for sharing your Dad’s work on this site. He’s been a real inspiration to me over the years I have known him. I’m fortunate to own one of his creations. Thanks again for this site.

    John & Helen Conklin

  2. Carey & “Dad” – WOW! Such a creative body of work. Carey, I see some of your Dad’s influences in your work, but differences as well. The pieces with the moon and translucent paper are so evocative. I would love to see some work hanging in Las Cruces. What are the possibilities?

  3. We love the site. Ron Dunn posted it on Facebook for all of his friends to enjoy and I have done the same. What an amazing portfolio. I was surprised by some. I thought I had seen a bit of all of your work, but obviously not.

  4. What a beautiful website. Ron Dunn posted it on Facebook and I have done the same so that all of my friends can enjoy your work. You surprised me with some (80’s works)! Thanks for being so wonderful! Vickie

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