“Grace Like a Flower” Gift to Eckerd College from the estate of Reverend Harold Brockus, by way of one of his friends, the
Reverend James Schwartz.

'8? '8?%22Icarus%22 '8?%22Jester-Sun%22 '8?Moon-Fog-Sea '81 '81Chyenne '81HomagetoMetaphysicalBandaid '81UKRetro.80's~82Plex1'87??UNRetro -Tryptich-Another Place ,.'80s '87?UNK'80sDemonPntg'88?RedDogs'83NT '88?? '88? '88?Bearded '88AncientSun '88IceMan '88Sun-EggWoman '88WatermanEmerging '89?.? '89.? '89GreatSun '89MotherofLight ~'83-4?? New Beginnings%2281 requiumforaSqare'81 twistoff&pop-top'80 UK'81? Untitled'81.. Valentine'81

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