“I think everything before Michigan State was figurative. I went to Michigan State because Abraham Ratner had gone there, and Abraham Ratner, of course, was as close to German expressionist as anyone that I might study with. When I got the Danforth Study Grant, I went to Michigan State for two reasons: I went to study with Abraham Ratner and because they had good housing for families and by this time, I had a family.”

Buried Tablets 61-2

“I was painting in the graduate students studio and I dropped a jar of cadmium red paint which is fantastically expensive cause I didn’t have a lot of money. I . . .started tearing out papers from the big can of newsprint I had and wiping the stuff up. When I unfolded the paper, I found it was more interesting to me than what I was working on. So I borrowed some automobile lacquer from Ken ??? . . .and  glued the paper to the painting . . . I was studying with Murray Jones at the time and Murray Jones had just come back from Japan and he was doing absolutely lovely paintings…or not paintings–collages with Japanese paper. So I bought some Japanese paper, and I started doing collages too, although with paint in them.  Murray was worried . . . that he had over-influenced me and he called me in and talked to me. He looked at what I had done. And he said, “No, actually you’re combining collage and painting, and what I am doing is purely collage.”

“I had friend that was using acrylic, I switched to acrylic, and found it was clear and worked like lacquer except it was water based and I didn’t have to buy all that awful . . .  lacquer thinner, I was really lucky that I did.”



Red Ballon. A figurative collage of young Carey Crane




'60sCollage'64?UNKN'60sRedo'67UKT '60's collage


'66Japan '6?ChangeofSeasonsWounded Sq.'65 Untitled'65 Byzantine Message.RTr0

Untitled'63 Untitled'62. Untitled'61-62 UnTi(rev.)? Unknown SumerianMessage'67 SpcerColl'66 Retro-Beginnings and EndingsSilntMessage'62-3 Scan 96 Retro ChrysiusRedScreen'63 RedDot'69 PunishedMessage'66 Now&Now&Now'61 New Wind '67 MoonTrap'69 Message'64-65 LSDTV'64 Lost City'67 LittleEgypy'69 Inca'61-62 Icarus'66 GoldDot'69 FurrierBanner'69 FloatingMessage(2?)'69 FloatingMessage'69 DecayingMessage'64'69GnomeBuried Tablets'61-2 BlackBanner'69 Beg:Endings#2'66 Banners'69 APlagueforLeo.Baskin'66? Aletheia'61. 4AMFullMoon'65 %2269 ?'67?? ?'66 ??'67 ??'6? ???'66 ????'69 Now&Now&Now'61 Aletheia,61  MesForMcLuhan'65


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