Demons in America


Page in Development

In the 1990’s, it became burdensome for Dad to make the steep climb up the stairs to his studio. He found renewed interest in writing – poetry, plays, and philosophical works. 

And then he discovered an entirely new media . . . He purchased a stylus pad, upgraded his Mac, and began working with illustration software. Completed in 2008, Demons in America: A Layman’s Guide to the Erratic Behavior of Everyone Else, unified computer based illustration, fine art and cartooning, and philosophical humor. 

I’m offering a book which does not fit neatly into any genre.  It is a satire in images and text of personal demons; obsessions and compulsions. The form is simple: an image page facing a short case study.

I’ve changed each image’s style to make an icon depicting the world of the afflicted. I’ve drawn on my background as cartoonist, fine artist and writer to produce this challenging and very funny book.  Jim Crane

To be continued . . .